International Justice

The Philippe Kirsch Institute (PKI) was created as a social enterprise to provide legal education and training in support of the work carried out by the Canadian Centre for International Justice (CCIJ). The Institute offers lectures and seminars – prepared by its Faculty of experts in international law and related fields – to Canadian legal professionals, students, and the general public. The Institute is also Canada’s leading social enterprise in international criminal legal education, offering Canada’s first online Certificate Program in International Criminal Law.

The PKI Global Justice Journal is a natural outgrowth of this educational function. The Journal will aim to critically inform readers of new developments in the realms of international and transnational justice. In doing so, the PKI Global Justice Journal will bolster the Institute’s educational function by supplementing its lectures and disseminating the work of its contributors. The Journal will provide, inter alia, in-depth analyses, reviews of novel scholarly pieces, and interviews with Faculty members.

Moreover, by inviting a plurality of views and voices to react to its content, the Journal will endeavour to become a space for plural discussion and debate.

The Editorial Board is now accepting contributions. Please refer to our Call for Contributions for more details on submission requirements and on the editorial process. The Journal will publish articles in English and French. All articles will be published in the language that they were submitted.

The written contributions to the Journal express the views of their authors and not those of the Philippe Kirsch Institute or the Canadian Centre for International Justice. Written contributions to the Journal should not be considered legal advice. Readers should seek their own legal advice before acting.

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