There are several ways that you can get involved and show your support for The Kirsch Institute!


1. Donate

Donations to The Kirsch Institute go towards providing scholarships to lawyers and professionals that work with low-income clients and not-for-profit organizations, who would otherwise not be able to access our specialized programming.

As part of our efforts to support access to justice, we believe in supporting the lawyers and organizations that make such access possible by providing them with resources and other continuing professional development opportunities at no cost to them.

If you recognize the value of our consistently high-quality programming, and would like to help us support community access to justice initiatives, please consider supporting The Kirsch Institute with a donation.


2. Support Us

The Philippe Kirsch Institute is only as successful as the learners we attract and the reputation we develop. If you are behind our objectives, we appreciate you notifying people within your networks of our programming:

  1. Subscribe to our e-bulletins and forward them to your colleagues.

  2. Follow The Kirsch Institute on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook,  re-post our content, and join related conversations.

  3. Talk us up at conferences & gatherings, and let us know about them so we can endeavour to be there.


Thanks for supporting us! We’re looking forward to another great year ahead.

The Kirsch Team